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Thanks for visiting Open Wire Solutions. We are a small group of devoted individuals committed to making it easier for ordinary Americans to access faster internet wherever they live. Our strategy tackles three major areas:


  1. Municipal Laws – Comcast and other major telecommunications companies have been using municipal governments to outlaw faster, cheaper internet services like Google Fiber and community-created internet services. We are devoted to finding these municipal governments and lobbying them to drop their unfair and sometimes illegal regulations.
  2. State Law – At the state level, there’s several states that have rules blockading any companies that aren’t Comcast or AT&T from providing internet to American citizens. We, along with Google and other companies are fighting to lift those laws and provide a fair, competitive battleground for companies to compete for the privilege of providing you with internet access (and keeping costs low in the process).
  3. Federal Law – This involves the FCC, which is attempting to destroy net neutrality and creating a tiered internet that will make popular websites and services pay to provide you with their services (you may have to start paying Facebook and Twitter for the privilege of using their services!).

We are not accepting donations or any kind of monetary support. If you want to help us in the crusade for cheap, fast internet across these here United States, you can do so by visiting ‘Battle For the Net’, a website that will enable you to find out who your representatives in government are and send them a message that you demand better internet.