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Call Verizon Wireless, And What To Do When Your iPhone is Stolen

When Your Mobile Phone is Stolen, You Need to Act Within Minutes


When your mobile phone is stolen, losing the device is the least of your worries. Usually, if you don’t act immediately to freeze your number, you could be hit with a bill for thousands of dollars as the thief makes long-distance calls for as much as your phone will take. What exactly happens when a thief takes a phone, though– why do they need to make all these calls to Africa, South America and Asia?

Call Verizon Wireless and Get Them To Cancel Your Contract.

The timeliness of this action can’t be understated. And Verizon will be grateful that they don’t have to dispute these charges with you. They may even give you a Verizon Wireless promo code for a free phone, an upgrade, or canceling the activation fee on your next phone.

Phone thieves aren’t pickpockets working for themselves


Phone theft is a profitable business. It attracts large criminal gangs. Phone theft gangs aren’t after your phone for its great screen or 4G mobile broadband. They are just as happy stealing a disposable £10 Nokia as they are stealing the latest iPhone. Rather than the device itself, they are interested in a phone calling scam that they are able to perform.

Premium number-calling scams


If you’ve ever looked carefully at a newspaper or magazine, you’ve probably seen little advertisements for premium numbers – numbers that offer steamy chats with beautiful women, astrological readings, betting and so on. These numbers usually cost something around £10 for every minute that you use them. When you make a call to one of these numbers, the £10-a-minute charge is added to your bill. Phone thieves use these numbers as a convenient way to extract money out of their stolen phones.

They set up these $10-a-minute premium number services themselves and call them with their stolen phones. When a thief calls a $10-a-minute premium number with your phone, both your mobile provider and the owner of the phone service share the money. Since setting up these phone numbers in the States would get these thieves into trouble, they set them up elsewhere around the world.

Who is liable for these calls?


In the U.S., phones on monthly contracts have no billing caps. When thieves steal mobile phones, they usually begin making calls to their premium numbers the same minute, hoping to run up a bill worth thousands. If it takes you six hours to discover that someone’s taken your phone, you can potentially be on the hook for $3,600. It doesn’t help if you have insurance, either. Most phone insurance policies only protect you once you report the theft.

Consumer advocacy groups tend to protest these policies. They point to the fact that it can be easy for a mobile provider to catch such phone fraud by simply looking out for unusual calling patterns. If a phone owner doesn’t usually call international numbers much, the very fact that there are nonstop international calls being made can throw up an alert. Such safeguards are in place with credit cards, already. When credit cards are suddenly found to be in use in strange locations, credit card companies often try to call users to verify the genuineness of the transactions in question. The Consumer Credit Act makes sure that a certain minimum level of protection is in place. Unfortunately, the law permits mobile carriers to do as they please in this area.

It doesn’t help even if your mobile service offers you the ability to put a credit limit in place (Virgin Mobile offers you this ability, for instance). Mobile providers claim that these limits don’t work reliably on international calls. According to them, it can take time for foreign networks to report call costs back to them. Thieves can easily run up bills for thousands before call costs are reported back. Unfortunately, this claim doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. If you are on a pay-as-you-go phone, call costs are reported back in real time – which is why your phone gets cut off if you run out of phone credit. It would appear that the phone networks are simply interested in allowing criminals to continue with their scams because they are very profitable to them.

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Twitter, Hostpapa Coupons, and Other Ways to Build Your Business.

How Hostpapa Coupons Can Build Your Business

Ever wonder why so many businesses like to give out coupon codes to other businesses? The reason is that people like you when you give them things for free. And you know what’s completely free? coupon codes! These things are floating around on the web and available to anyone. Finding valid promo codes can be a challenge, but in our case we found a 40% off Hostpapa discount code that was valid and, when we sent it out to our customers in an email blast, generated tons of revenue for our company (and for Hostpapa).


The Benefits of Using Twitter to Build a Business

One of the main reasons why people drop by Twitter is to discover what is currently happening in the world. They also get on to instantly share information and to connect with individuals and yes, businesses the world over. There are hundreds of millions of Twitter users and on a daily basis over five hundred million Tweets are being sent out. What this means is that a great opportunity is being offered by Twitter for business to reach audiences that are made up of existing and new customers globally.

Regardless of the kind of business you are running, whether you are a B2B software developer to a mobile app company, a large retailer, or a freelance designer, you can use Twitter to build connections that are meaningful and have a relevant and engaged audience. These connections are able to lead to actions for your business across a large network of customers who are loyal.

The great thing about Twitter is that it is where people connect with their passions, share their opinions and, as mentioned above, find out the current goings on in the world. Due to the fact that when people are on Twitter, they are in a discovery mindset, and they are more open to interacting with new businesses.

Businesses are able to tap into Twitter and expand their reach all the while connecting with their current customers and potential new customers. Here are a few ways in which a business can leverage Twitter:

1. Discover What is Currently Going On

On Twitter, you are provided with access to what is currently going on in your industry niche, your community, and even around the entire world. You can use Twitter to search as well as listen to conversations which are relevant and happening, and you can then jump in where you feel you will be able to add value.

2. Increase Your Brand Awareness

By using Twitter as a means of regularly communicating with your followers, you can raise your business profile as well as increase your marketing impact. With the use of Twitter ads, you can extend your reach even further.

3. Provide Timely Customer Service

Oftentimes people discuss the products which they use on Twitter. This makes Twitter a natural place in which to provide customer service. As a matter of fact, 85 percent of small/medium business Twitter users stated that it is crucial for a business to provide proper customer support via the platform. In Twitter, you can easily and quickly respond to support queries. This will help you to develop an excellent reputation for your business as well as strong customer relationships.

4. Connect With Brand Advocates, Influencers and Potential Customers

On Twitter, you are able to follow as well as interact with individuals outside of your own personal network. This is the ideal way of joining and even starting up discussions with industry experts and influencers to raise your business profile and build very valuable connections.

These four benefits are reason enough to get your business going on Twitter right away.