Hemp Made Illegal By The Petroleum Industry


Some of you may be wondering why it is that cannabis is illegal. After all, someone had to get the bright idea to start making laws that made this amazing all natural herb the choice of outlaws. The truth of the matter is that one of the main reasons why marijuana is currently illegal to smoke and grow is because our government officials were as corrupt back in the day as they are right now.

Here in the UK cannabis became illegal in 1937. This means that before that time, which in the grand scheme of things was not very long ago, smoking, selling and growing pot was not a crime. In fact, in the 19th century, there were many doctors that used the plant to create pain relief medicine. This was a time before aspirin was readily available.

I know what you are all probably thinking, “So, they made it illegal, how is that a government conspiracy?”. Well, in the 1900′s there were basically only two industries that were large enough to influence politics, the agricultural and industrial industries. These two business types spent billions facing off against each other. You should also note that at the time billions were worth a lot more than they are right now. This will help to put the size of this industrial competition into perspective.

At the turn of the century one of the biggest inventions in years came to light. The motor was created by Rudolph Diesel in 1896. Initially Rudolph created his engine to run off of seed oil. The reason being is that these oils ran much cleaner and would cause less damage to the engine over time. One of the most prominent agricultural products of the time was hemp. It was used to make everything from clothing to paper and the seeds were harvested for their oil. It wasn’t long before petroleum companies began a huge smear campaign against the cannabis plant.

There were advertisements claiming that marijuana would lead to “weird orgies, wild parties and unleashed passions”. This was much more shocking back in the 1900′s. They began to blame the drug for murders and just about any kind of heinous crime that you can think off. By the time Ford created the first automobile 20 years later, cannabis and the hemp plant were illegal in most European countries and the US.

So, who promoted this campaign to defame the cannabis plant? All of the ads were funded by the Du Pont company, the leading supplier of petroleum products at the time. As you can see, the signs are there. It was shady businessmen and easily influenced politicians that brought our beloved hemp plant down, not health concerns.

Hemp, Healthier Than Booze


It amazes me that to this day marijuana remains illegal when people are allowed to drink themselves into a comma whenever their hearts desire. Only at one point in history was their a civilized place where alcohol was made illegal and that was in the United States. This was called the prohibition and was only law in that country for a little over 10 years. The reason why alcohol was only illegal for such a brief time is that it was a ridiculous law. People want to drink and they will continue to do so whether or not the government wants them to.

I personally believe that the same should hold true for cannabis. I think the only reason why smoking pot remains a criminal act when alcohol and tobacco remain perfectly legal is simply based on the fact that there are less pot smokers in the world than drinkers. There is also a stigma that marijuana is only smoked by teenagers, young adults or degenerates. No one wants to believe that perfectly functional, well developed adults would like to unwind at night with a joint instead of a beer or glass of wine. This is why the current state of legislation in terms of the legality of cannabis in the United Kingdom is completely absurd.

One of the key factors in the criminalization of this product are the false claims that marijuana is dangerous to your health. The simple fact of the matter is that not only is marijuana harmless, when it is used responsibly, but other “legal” drugs, such as, alcohol and tobacco are the products that can really cause harm to a persons health when they are used for a prolonged period of time.

Pot has been proven in numerous studies to be extremely helpful to individuals with a number of different very serious ailments. The opposite is true of booze. In fact, alcohol has been known to create several very unpleasant health issues, such as, anemia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, dementia, depression, high blood pressure, nerve damage, infectious disease, pancreatitis and of course several different health problems involving the liver.

Not only is pot a harmless product that is far less of a threat on are health and well being than alcohol but there are thousands and thousands of people who are currently incarcerated because of these faulty laws. As you can clearly see, our government thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to allow us to continue to consume various types of alcohol yet they feel the need to protect us from using an all natural herb with healing properties.

I personally think it is time that we begin to reevaluate who we have allowed to take control of our rights and start to consider making some serious changes.